Our team includes highly dedicated and experienced professionals, who deal with the concept of the club in a long-term perspective and who are determined to give children their best. We have many years of experience in the field of preschool education and leisure activities for children. Our team of teachers is international. Qe have received great references from satisfied parents, whose children took part in our activities


Barbora Drážníková

Educational Manager and Leading Teacher

Barbara graduated from Sports Grammar School in Brno with the title of second class coach. Then she worked as an au pair in England, where she also attended English classes at York College. After her return, she began her studies at the Higher Professional School of Education in Litomyšl and received a degree in preschool education. She worked as a teacher for Little Bear Preschool in Prague with a solely English program for 4 years. In 2011, she co-founded the association All4Kids, managing an English class in preschool Domeček in Prague, summer and winter camps and other activities for kids of preschool and early school age. In 2016, she co-founded the 1st English outdoor preschool Vyšehrad Monsters, then in 2018 Libeň Monsters. Her specializations are arts & crafts and sports. She is a certified yoga instructor for kids.

In Libeň Monsters, Barbora is responsible for education policy, teaching methodology and everyday management of the preschool. She is an active teacher herself and also trains other teachers. Her main aim is to make children enjoy their time in the club and their parents feel satisfied.


Barbora Musilová

Project Manager

Barbora graduated from the Faculty of Arts at Charles University in Prague. During her studies, she participated in several programmes abroad, she worked as a teacher, translator, interpreter, guide, reviewer. After graduation, she worked as Erasmus coordinator, PR manager in publishing house, Head of the Comenius program and currently Head of eTwinning (on-line community of European schools). The topics of education and training have always been a great interest of hers. She is a founding member of the association All4Kids and is primarily involved in management and organizational aspects of its activities. In 2016, she co-founded the 1st English outdoor preschool Vyšehrad Monsters, then in 2018 Libeň Monsters. She has 3 kids herself.

In Libeň Monsters, Barbora is responsible for legislative issues, project planning, coordination of activities, website and social media, official documents, promotion and communication with parents, international cooperation and grant management.


Markéta Literáková

Operational Manager

Markéta graduated from vocational college of tourism and then she continued to study English and special education at Montgomery College and Soujourner Douglass College in the United States. She also spent a year in Spain and another one in the United States as an au pair. For two years, she worked as a teacher in the Czech-English preschool Domeček in Prague, where she also began working with the association All4Kids. She gained years of experience working in assistant manager positions at language schools, travel agencies and other companies. In 2016, she co-founded the 1st English outdoor preschool Vyšehrad Monsters, then in 2018 Libeň Monsters. She has 2 kids herself.

In Libeň Monsters, Markéta is mainly responsible for communication with partners, administration, financial management and accounting. She is the main contact person for parents of kids attending the preschool. She is also occassionaly working as a teacher.

nezel (2).png

Nezel Joy Krmela


Nezel comes from Philippines, where English is an official language. During her studies at Grabsum School in Candelaria she was a leader of Environment protection and also editor in chief of school newspaper. She became enthusiastic to work with children at the age of 11 when she started to take care of her two nieces since their birth. She continued with babysitting and tutoring English then. She lives in the Czech Republic for several years and worked as a private teacher of English for kids between 6 and 16 years. In 2018 she started working as an assistant at Libeň Monsters and in summer 2019 she completed a course ant Language house and received a TEFL certificate and Young Learners certificate. Thanks to various experience she is able to adjuct her teaching style to the abilities of each child. As she uses mainly games and spends time outside during her lessons the concept of English Outdoor Preschool is perfect for her.

In Libeň Monsters, Nezel is a permanent teacher. As an English speaker she mainly motivates children to improve their English. Thanks to her background she is also introducing children a different culture.

Balázs Malik


Balázs comes from the south of Hungary, a small city called Baja where he has been studying economy during grammar school years and after for an extra when he became an accountant. During secondary school years he formed a plan to become a teacher, especially working with little kids. In 2018 he moved to Szeged to babysit his little cousin. He left Hungary in October 2019 for the sake of travelling, his first destination was Prague where he decided to settle down for a while. He has been learning and using English intensivelly over 15 years. He started working as a preschool assistant at Vyšehrad Monsters in the school year 2019/20 before he accepted the offer of a teacher at Libeň Monsters. His intention is to teach the kids about the world that surrounds us, to show them practical lessons about science and nature.

At Libeň Monsters, Balázs is a permanent teacher, involved in daily operation of the club. He specializes in language learning as he only communcates with kids in English. In addition, he represents a male element in the team, as we see the aspect of the diverse team (in terms of both gender and age) as an important factor.


Michal Sklenařík

Teaching Assistant

Michal is studying Physical Education and Sports at Charles University in Prague. He has worked with children since high school, mostly as a tennis coach. He has plenty of experience as a leader of tennis camps for children. He is targeting his professional specialization to become a coach for preschool children. Besides tenis, he also likes skiing and climbing, he spends his free time both in nature and in the city. He joined the team in 2016.


Magdalena Rajdlová

Teaching Assistant

During high school studies, Majda spent one school year in Oregon (USA). She took part in program called 'Bruin Buddies Preschool' - a kindergarten for kids aged 3-5 years with high school students in the role of teachers and caregivers, responsible for activities like playing, painting, singing... she is very grateful for this opportunity as it showed her what direction she wants to go in the future. She enjoyes working with kids and it brngs her joy, so she enrolled herself at the Pedagogical Faculty of the Charles University in Prague to study special pedagogy.


Hana Pauerová

Teaching Assistant

Hana graduated from Charles University in Prague with a degree in Sociology and Adult Education. Over the years, she has worked for the sociological group at the Main Architect's Office, as well as in the non-profit sector as head of the training department, her last job position before retirement was at the Ministry of Interior.  Se has always enjoyed spending time with children and has taken every opportunity to get involved with them as a volunteer. She has often organized children's days at the workplace and has worked at summer camps as well as led theatre clubs. In Monsters Hana also plays the role of a "granny" as we believe it is important for kids to meet teachers of different generations.

Petra Hegerová

Assistant for Camps and Trips

Petra studies food chemistry at Mendel University in Brno. Since childhood, she has been a member of the tourist troop, through which she participated in preparation and implementation of many leisure activities for children and youth - summer camps, trips and other events. She works as a private babysitter for diferent ages for many years. She also works as a guide in the caves of Moravian Kras. She has been cooperating with the association All4Kids for several years, mainly on winter and summer camps and trips.