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Libeň Monsters is a unique preschool, operating on a basis of a preschool club with an all-day program. It follows the idea of forest preschools, modified however for the natural environment of the city. Children spend most of their time outdoors, near Libeň island and in other parks of Prague. They also go for trips and do not avoid the urban environment either. The methodology is based on the Framework Education Programme for Preschool Education, thus fully complying with general requirements for subsequent enrollment at any primary school. The all-day programme is in English with the presence of a native speaker. 


Libeň Monsters is the second branch of the successful outdoor preschool Vyšehrad Monsters. The full operation will be launched in September 2018. We accept kids from 2 to 6 years old, kids younger than 3 years as "Baby Monsters". The concept and its principles are decribed in detail in the preschool section.


Summer Day Camps for 2019

In July and August, we are offering week-long day camps for kids from 3 to 8 years old. The complete program, practical arrangements and applications here.

Winter Camp

In the week of Spring Break we are going for a winter camp open to all children above 3 years attending Libeň Monsters. We will have skiing lesson at the ski resort Chotouň, our base will be in a club lounge of touristic club of Jílové u Prahy. As every year we are looking forward to enjoy snow and a lot of fun together.

European Solidarity Corps

Our grant application within the programme European Solidarity Corps was supported and we are happy to have Sara Milán, the volunteer from Spain in Vyšehrad Monsters, occassionally also Libeň Monsters. She will be part of our team from January until June 2019. We are looking forward to new intercultural experience and inspiration for both us and children.

"Between us - generations" project

We became part of the project Between us generations, that facilitates meetings of children from preschools with elderly people from different nursing homes. About once a month we are visiting elderly people with children - talking, creating a playing together. We consider relations between generations very import and therefor we are happy to be part of such project.

Reforestation Workshop in Poland

We went for a trip to Kopaniec in Poland together with older kids from both Libeň Monsters and Vyšehrad Monsters to attend the workshop together with our partner schools from Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. WIth help of local community we planted 1000 trees within the Kids4forests project supported by Visegrad Fund.

European Voluntary Service

Our grant application within the programme Erasmus+ Youth (European Voluntary Service) was supported and we are happy to have Simona Pirina, the volunteer from Italy in Libeň Monsters. She will be part of our team from October 2018 until June 2019. We are looking forward to new intercultural experience and inspiration for both us and children.

The first school year started

The doors of our 2nd English Outdoor Preschool Libeň Monsters opened for the first time in September 2018. WIth the full capacity of 18 children, we started the new school year, looking forward to our new adventures.

Grant support from Prague 8

We received a grant support from city council of Prague 8 of our application in the program of free-tim non-sport activities for children and youth. The ammount received will help us at the beginning while opening the preschool after extensive recontruction of the indoor space.

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